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#2: How to get to Saint Martin?​

By air

There are two airports on island, one on Saint Martin (French side) called; L'Espérance Airport, also known as Grand Case Airport (code: SFG) and one on Sint Maarten (Dutch side) called Princess Juliana International Airport (code: SXM). Both airports will bring you to St. Martin and while or island is small you’ll easily be able to get around. 

#1: What is foiling?​

The innovative hype of hydrofoils

A (hydro)foil is almost like a mini airplane, which is connected to a very long fin under your kiteboard. Once you get up to speed, the foil will make enough lift to hold your weight and you will be able to lift the whole board off the water. You will keep riding only on the submerged foil, gently flying over the choppy waves in silence.

#3: How to get around on Saint Martin?​

The most reliable way to get around is to rent a car or grab a taxi. Please take note that there is no (reliable) public transportation on our beautiful island so we strongly recommend you to go for the reliable option. 

Special car rental deal with Hertz Car Rental Saint Martin/Sint Maarten: for more information go to the bottom of 'Your Stay-page'

#4: What curreny do you use?

On the French side we use Euro’s but we also accept US Dollars.

On the Dutch side we use US Dollars and Antillean Gilders but sometimes we accept Euro’s.

#5: Where does the competition start?​

On all days we start on Orient Bay/Baie Orientale in Saint Martin. We meet right in front of Wind Adventures SXM on the beach in-between Kakao Beach Club and Kontiki Beach Club.

#6: Practical information

All you need to know about the the logistics and practical information during the event:

Where are are the head quarters? How do I do my medical check? Where is registration? Can I store my gear on location? Where can I meet my fellow competitors? Is there an evening program for fun? What do I get for lunch? And more!

Please have a look at the information booklet for all answers.

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