iFoil goes Olympic!

It's official, the iFoil has been selected as the Equipment for the Men's and Women's Windsurfer at Paris 2024!

At World's Sailing annual Conference major decisions are made that shape the future direction of the sport. This year the type of Windsurfer equipment that will be used at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Men's and Women's events was there to be confirmed.

The Council approved the selection of the iFoil after 31 members voted in favour with eight against and two abstentions. This decision has then been ratified by the World Sailing's Annual General Meeting on November 3rd.

The 15 year old RS:X class will officially be replaced by a windfoil class, the iFoil, for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Getting windfoiling at the Olympics is great news for windsurfing, as it allows a new future to be built for the sport.

The iFoil:

The iFoil designed by Starboard is an affordable one design, high performance foiling package able to compete in 5-35 knots with the option of multi-brand and multi manufacturer participation. It is easy to transport; has support for emerging nations; come from a brand with proven quality and supply; offers a great youth pathway; and is doing its part in saving the planet with sustainability action and future visions.

'One rig. One board. One foil. Beautiful simplicity'

As Windfoiling at the Olympics is now officially confirmed, the rise of foiling is continuing and now becomes a new Olympic discipline. This will enable to get great exposure for new younger crowds, and recruit more people into the sport.

Copyright: Starboard. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel on iFoil!

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