Paris 2024: Windfoil, or not?

Half way the 2019 World Sailing Annual Conference which is taking place in Bermuda till November 3, 2019. During this conference they talk about the importance of different subjects varying from sustainability to female participation.

A very important subject they will talk about is Windfoiling:

In May 2019 the World Sailing Council took the decision to reject the previous Board recommendation to retain the RS:X as the outcome of the re-evaluation process. Taking into consideration the opinion of the Equipment Committee at the mid-year meeting, the Board made the recommendation to Council to conduct sea trials before selecting the equipment for 2024.

During the sea trials on Lake Garda (Italy) begin October the 'Windsurfer Evaluation Working Party' tested the RS:X, Glide, iFoil, Formula Foil and Windfoil 1.

Following comprehensive on-water testing and evaluation against the approved criteria, the Working Party recommends the selection of the Starboard iFoil as the equipment for the Olympic windsurfer events in 2024.

That the equipement committee gave their recommendation for iFoil/windfoiling, doesn't mean it is going to happen. For three successive years, the Equipment Committee had unsuccessfully made a recommendation to the Board for the replacement of the RS:X. In the end final decisions are made by the World Sailing Counsel on selecting the Equipment.

Interestingly even the majority of current RS:X sailors favoured a shift from the RS:X to a foiling board by a margin of 41.3% to 36.9%, according to a World Sailing survey published in the report of the Working Party.

It now seems that the way is clear for a windfoiler to make its debut at the 2024 Olympic Regatta!

Yesterday the council has reviewed this subject.

Fingers-crossed 🤞🏽

Starboard iFoil: Recommended equipement for Paris 2024

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