Two countries on one Island, the Southern Dutch part called Sint Maarten and the Northern French part called Saint Martin, a unique paradise located in the Caribbean Sea. The rumor goes that the division of land began with walking contest between a Frenchman and a Dutchman. Before they started, the Frenchman drank wine while the Dutchman drank the stronger jenever (Dutch gin), allowing the Frenchman to cover more territory and claim more land.

(The Dutch say he cheated.)

Visiting this island will leave you with unforgettable experiences shared with family, competitors who become friends and friendly locals.  On SXM you can find over 100 different nationalities within just 34 square miles. Such diversity makes this island the most multicultural and various nation in the entire world.


An island which has it all; friendly people speaking Dutch, French and English, little boutiques where they accept US Dollars, Antillean Gilders and Euro's, amazing condition to kitefoil, surf, sail, snorkel and sunbath!


There is no physical border between the Dutch and French side of the island so enjoy what the entire island has to offer:

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