Whole kiting world suddenly got very interested in hydrofoils over the past few years and so did the Caribbean!

The action sports industry has been an increasingly growing sport segment over the past decade, resulting in skyrocketing participation rates and escalating popularity especially among Generation Y consumers/Millenials  (15-35 years old).  Therefore the (hydro)foiling hype exploded. Imagine being able to go upwind better than any sailing boat and faster than any other kiteboarder you know! On a foilboard, even when the wind is light you are still powered up enough to go wherever you want to, as fast as you dare to go.

We know this will be the future and now the speculation over kitesurfing's Olympic future is over the whole world knows. ‘From 2024, kitesurfing in the form of kite foil racing will be a permanent Olympic discipline after it debuts at the Olympic Games in Paris that year.’


When Max and Sas met on Saint Martin there was no doubt about the passion for watersports. Here in the Caribbean we all enjoy the Tradewinds, the crystal clear waters, kite/wind foiling & the 25 degrees Celcius, but there was one problem. There were no events in this area.


With the upcoming foiling trend, the lack of events in the Caribbean and the growing ambition of two young professionals the Caribbean Foiling Championships were born!


This is the future and you can be part of it!

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